How to Make a Sazerac | Wicked Cocktails


The Sazerac is a great autumn drink. Mike Holmes of the Wickman House in Ellison Bay, one of Door County’s most acclaimed restaurants and it’s best cocktail bar, makes his heavy on the booze and bitters.

Wickman House Sazerac

Fill a tumbler glass with crushed ice and 1/2 ounce absinthe and set aside to chill.

In a pint glass combine:

12 shakes of Bittercube Orange bitters
12 shakes of Bittercube Bolivar bitters
10 shakes Angostura bitters
.75 ounce simple syrup
3.5 ounces Riverboat Rye
Fill glass with ice and stir for 40 stirs (don’t shake).
Strain into chilled glass with julep strainer.
Garnish with orange peel.

Sazerac in glass Wickman House