Our Door County – It’s All Natural

In our latest video for the Door County Visitor Bureau’s “Our Door County” series, we explore the awe-inspiring Door County landscape and night sky. Director Brett Kosmider mixes interviews with local naturalists and star-gazers with incredible time-lapse footage of the Northern Lights and star-filled skies of the Door County peninsula.

Our own Myles Dannhausen, a Door County native now living in Chicago, talks about the special impact that the peninsula’s natural beauty has on those who grow up there.

“Once you move away, you get this whole different appreciation for this place,” Dannhausen says, expounding on his freshly gained perspective. “I went to a school that, literally the back door takes you into Peninsula State Park…You’d have Roy Lukes teaching you about the swales and geology. It’s ingrained in your life since the moment your born up here.”

“There are other places with beautiful landscapes,” says Peninsula State Park naturalist Kathleen Harris,  “but it’s the opportunity to really interact with family and people you really care about and forge memories so that Door County is the context for the relationships that are most important to you.”

Lukas and Heather Harle Frykman contributed incredible photography and video of night sky and aurora borealis.

“We see many stars that people from the cities have never seen at all,” says John Beck of the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society.

David Udall of the society speaks to the emotions of seeing that sky. “You look up and realize that we are just a grain of sand in the cosmos and that’s an emotional thing,” he says.

Experience “It’s All Natural” for Yourself

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