Door County is home to more than 100 galleries and artist’s studios. Artists began emigrating to the peninsula in droves in the late 1960s and through the 1970s, creating a colony that changed the ethic of the peninsula itself.

Though it took 20 years before the art scene wrestled its way into the heart of the Door County hierarchy, these creators and their galleries are now an integral part of how the community defines itself.

Painters, jewelers, potters, carvers, metal workers, clothiers…the breadth of the scene knows no bounds. Some are world renown, some are just getting started exploring their art. All have stories to tell about how they got here, what inspires them, and the messages they send with their work.

In Art Scene, we’ll help tell those stories and take you inside a scene now synonymous with the Door County peninsula.

Ginnie Cappaert Painting Egg Harbor

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